Friday, January 22, 2010


Apparently. Me that is.

At least I went shopping for a new bra today. I didn't buy any. It seems that as a C cup I can now only buy boosting enhancing type bra with padded cups or a sports bra. I just wanted a standard underwired model, maybe with a bit of lace.

Now peering down my front and standing sideways in the mirror I don't feel under-endowed. A reasonable boost northwards is always welcome but there is a bust that I ... umm.... thought.... was adequate for the purpose.... more or less....

Not so according to the bra manufacturers.

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Opinionated Libertarimum said...

Well said. Too often I have found myself wondering if the stuffing can be removed, or if a bra really is too hard to make myself. Is it a conspiracy? It's sizist, anyway. Buying a bar shouldn't be such a frustrating experience.