Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sob sell goes wrong.

Just had a phone call from a charitable organisation seeking my money - you know $25, $50 or $100 whichever I would like to donate. (One of the things that always perplexes me when they do that is what happens if I look in my wallet and find I have $47 can I give that or can I only give one of the stipulated amounts?)

Anyway this woman was telling me earnestly about how tough it is to be a child with a particular disease. She tells me these children need so many things and my money is needed to help them in the Bay of Plenty area.

So I'm listening to this earnest sell and it occurs to me to ask "so how many children in the Bay of Plenty does this affect?" She's not sure. She starts to pull numbers out of thin air and thinks better of it, "Maybe fff... no I'm not sure" Hmm okay.

So while I'm assimulating this I carry on through the thought processes "So what do these kids actually need?" I ask. I'm having a minor potential grand gesture moment, I have contacts in all sorts of places, if these kids need something specific that the current health system isn't providing I might even apply myself to getting some of that. The answer isn't that helpful "money to buy things" is the reply. "So what does the money buy?" I ask. "All the things they need" she says. "But what are these things?" After an umm and an ahh she admits she doesn't know.

Really if you want my money you'll have to do better than that sorry.

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