Thursday, March 16, 2006

Actually dying isn't on the agenda

barring falling under buses.

Scanned again earlier in the month. "Have you had a CT before" they always ask. Yes thanks - I've had so many that I actually know your name even if you don't remember me...

And the results are (drum roll) opens envelope.

That tumour they've been watching is possibly even a bit smaller, certainly not bigger. The no-treatment treatment is working as well as the treatment treatment. And the side effects have been minimal.

Everyone is so impressed they don't want to see me for six months. If there was any potential for death over the next week or two they would have told me they'd see me in three months.

I'd like to thank my mother and father for having me, my darling husband of course, my children who were so patient, the cats for purrs when needed and the hens for providing organic eggs. Hugs to my siblings who have been so supportive. I wouldn't have got this far without all those medical people (Without them I would never have suffered as much as I have), and special thanks to all those in blogland for your caring. I would also like to thank blogger for providing this platform for my efforts... *is dragged muttering from stage clutching photocopies of scans triumphantly*

Resorting to gypsies and crystal balls

I had a tarot reading (with some clairvoyance thrown in) done earlier this week. Now do I believe in this stuff? Not particularly, maybe a little, most of the time the analysing side of my brain says this stuff is not necessarily true - it was sort of an interesting test, I told her very little. She seemed to know quite a lot. I'd like to believe this reading. In fact I am going to believe this reading - if nothing else faith and a positive outlook is good for me.

Here's what it came up with
I am about to receive back all that I have given and must allow others to give. I am overcoming difficulty, possibly health or emotional, and learning to control my life. I am building material wealth and security.

I need to chill out, take stock, step back to see what I have achieved and celebrate it.

I am about to gain material success, but must be prepared to learn something to help this along the way. I may be moving on from work in the next few months. I will have decisions to make.

Long term my health will be good, times have been tough recently but it will improve. I need to explore alternative remedies and look at combining them with the medical ones.

I probably won't travel this year but will be making the plans this year. I will probably stay longer overseas than originally intended.

I will be embarking on a medium term project in the next few months that probably has something to do with housing and land. She suggested buying a few acres (I didn't obviously tell her that we already had a few)

I'm left wondering how much of this is going the cards and how much was mind reading... hey just spit out everything I happen to want at the moment (but put the travel off just to stop it being too perfect)

You all needn't bother buying lotto tickets for a month or so cos I'm going to win it soon. Actually that might be big Wednesday (must buy a ticket)

Naturally with several million spare I won't bother going to work I will be concentrating on investing the dosh carefully. We will buy a stunning block of land and build a stunning house. There won't be time with all that going on to head off to Europe for a month this year so we'll go next year.

I've been racking my brains to figure out what I have given lately, and I'm not really sure I want my old magazines, the old clothes and the sheep drench back. And I don't think I need my charity donations back if I am going to win Lotto - in fact I'll add some more to them.

Maybe I'm going to die and go to heaven....

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I went out and missed all the fun

Had to go do some work the other day darn it.

While I was gone the neighbourhood had a helicopter visit. Apparently this rather large machine checked over the whole neighbourhood fairly thoroughly and at a low level and it sprayed some purple dye on three patches of greenery over at the scruffy neighbours. Shortly after that all the scruffy neighbours found they were running late for appointments as they all got in cars and drove off quite fast.

About twenty minutes after that the police arrived and pulled all the purple plants up by the roots.

Why did they have to choose the day I went out?

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sorry meant to be back sooner but got busy

Husbands shed full of tools arrived. Was a little bit of a disappointment - though we really shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth (actually I had a look in the gift horses mouth the other day, Ears that is, and she really has good teeth for her age) - but other peoples sheds must be smaller than ours. There was no shed with the prize. There was a battery drill (which is what I bought to enter the competition) and an electric chainsaw - not much use to us as we have 300 metre boundaries and our extension cords aren't that long. There was a battery operated tape measure which is a strange implement, I have tried it but I can't quite drive it right, a laser level, a circular saw and a drop saw. There was some more stuff - I think there were ten tools all together - but none of them were on our "I wish I had one of those" lists.. Never mind, it was all very nice.

Since then I have been scrambling round having Real Estate salespeople visit. I hate this, it means I have to do housework, and I think I didn't inherit the housework gene (a glance at the ironing pile would confirm my domestic goddess non status) . My mother no doubt still despairs - but she has learnt not to say so anymore.

I also hate about 50% of Real Estate salespeople. Only the ones that tell you big stories, say dismissive things about your property, don't know how important water is when you live in the country, can't be bothered walking down to the back paddock, and feed you incorrect information. The rest are alright, and about one in ten I like so much that I want to give them a beer and invite them to chat some more. (though we have only had seven in to date so perhaps that is one in seven that I like)

But anyway we might get ourselves round to putting the place on the market in the next week or so. Or we might not worry and take ourselves off to Europe for a month instead.

Anyone want to house sit? Would have to warn you that the neighbours, while generally harmless, are irritating...