Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Telecom secretly hates anyone who lives in the country

Or perhaps not so secretly.

Yeah I know we live 5km down a gravel road. But honestly that doesn't mean we live in the middle of no where... in fact we are conveniently positioned with good (if a little muddy) access to most places. And it isn't as though the nearest neighbour is miles away.

I am sick of slow dial up internet access. And as work will probably make a contribution to faster access I have been trying to get some.

Broadband - no, the exchange is too old, and they have no plans to upgrade it, but they will note my interest in broadband. I might be able to get wireless...

Wireless - no, the nearest wireless access is in Pyes Pa, that's about 15km away. Now come on we can get cell phone reception here (admittedly not great but we can get it) wireless works through cellphone towers why can't I have wireless? Just can't, but they'll note my interest. Satellite is the only option.

Satellite - maybe, that will be $3000. Oh right. I'll think about this a little more.

Wasn't there some agreement, in fact Telecom have a contract, to supply broadband to the rural community?

I am SO not impressed.


Spider said...

Yes, this concerns me when we return, but I think we are close enough to the big smoke that it should not be to much of a problem.

llew said...

We had our electricity supplier offer us internet access (dunno if it was broadband) - but seems they can run it along their lines. Might pay to check yours out.

Karl said...

You've hit on a major gripe of mine. I was working for Telecom when they were sold off, and vividly remember the "cast iron" promises of sticking to the Kiwishare agreement, ie that line & technology upgrades would continue until the whole country was receiving first class facilities. Funny how they were allowed to renege on that in less than two years. Being the annoying person I am, every time I ring Telecom to moan about our antiquated lines, I start whingeing about Kiwishare & monopolies. I share your linespeed pain (and my sister in Ashburton feels it more - she's lucky if she gets 8kps!)