Sunday, August 28, 2005

Forget spring cleaning - redecorate.

Husband woke up on Saturday morning with a vision of tidying up the bathroom. His memory is short, it was only a few months ago we repainted the previously lime green ensuite and he spent hours moaning about painting round the vanity unit and the toilet... So we went and got lost in one of those horrendously big hardware stores (where I got so bamboozled by the range of items for sale that I never picked up the thing I have been intending to buy for ages - a garden seat) and came out with some paint, a range of towel rails, a shower door (to replace the mouldy shower curtain), a new shower fitting, and considerably less money.

We then went home and put plaster in the holes in the walls and sanded the whole thing down. The first coat of paint went on at about 10 pm last night.

Work continued this morning but I opted for marital harmony and left him to it. In a small space with paint involved we are guaranteed to have a domestic.

Instead I dug over the glasshouse, carted a couple of wheelbarrows of horse manure into it and forked it over again, got the horses in and gave them a thorough brushing and was contemplating a ride but it rained so I skipped that. (This is quite sad, 25 years ago rain wouldn't have stopped me, I would have just gone bareback to save getting the saddle wet.... these days I don't ride at all without a saddle and I definitely don't ride in the rain.)

Went back inside and husband had finished the bathroom and also painted the hall which previously bore the marks of someones children running amuck with coloured pencils.

I did of course make all the appropriate noises before he got down to fitting all those shiny new accessories to the bathroom. It looks amazingly different, uncluttered, clean, modern. Needs new towels...

Then I demanded he go and admire my weedfree, manured glasshouse. He did say the right things - before he suggested it would have been easier just to put the chooks in there for a day or two.

I needed the exercise... I must have, I'm exhausted.


Anonymous said...

Oh for goodness sake! I posted on here about 8 hours ago.

Must be me.

Sharing painting never a good idea. Digging ones own greenhouse wonderfully satisfying.

Karl said...

Love the chook idea. Now that we've officially decided not to save the ailing tamarillos in the glass house, I can do the same and save myself a lot of work (hey.. nagging one's husband counts as work, LOL).

Only snag is that afterwards not a single worm remains!