Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Blah - but it's all good

WORST dose of chemo ever yesterday and today I am just about at the point where I wonder if dying isn't preferable to feeling like this. Not good - but it will pass.

The good news is it is working, the scan shows the tumours are definitely smaller, so I just have to hang in there. Half way through, three doses down and three to go.


Clods said...

Stick at it, it will be worth it when you do feel better. I know I don't know how you are feeling, but I'm thinking of you.

Don't wish your life away, as my mum told my dad, "you think giving up smoking is hard, try giving up a body".

Imagine the withdrawl.


wino said...

LOL - yep not really that bad when you look at it that way

Anonymous said...

We are all behind you darling - and it's NOT 'blah' that you going through.

I am sending you many, many positive thoughts.