Monday, September 07, 2009

No photos, it's x rated

Neighbours children are concerned "Did you know Calypso and the little black horse are doing sex in the paddock"

It's horse breeding season again. But maybe I should move them to give them some privacy... (yes it was a planned breeding - that's why I put them together last week)


Lindsay Mitchell said...

Saves on the birds and the bees talks...My 11 year-old is always tickled by the ads on Trackside for stud farms. I am not sure why. I think its just the idea that the man horse has to get as many lady horses pregnant as possible. And how they describe the man horse in such glowing terms.

wino said...

LOL they had the birds and bees sorted it appears - I loved 'doing sex' as a phrase. The short and somewhat rotund stallion wishes he was Zabeel too Zabeel gets lots more girlfriends (so do I - 100 mares a year at $100K odd each...).