Thursday, September 10, 2009


My work digital camera was on its last legs and had developed a battery eating problem.

So yesterday I strolled into an appliance shop, browsed the range of digital cameras and selected the one I wanted with a few accessories that I felt compelled to own while I was there and asked the shop assistant who was hovering for "that camera there" pointing to the model I required which was sitting in the cabinet. (not please note in one of those displays where the camera is attached to a wire but available for all to handle - this was securely ensconced behind a lock and glass)

He declined to sell it to me. It was the last camera of that model that they had in stock and he would order one in and I could collect it tomorrow. He wouldn't sell me that one - for no reason, except he wouldn't.

He was left holding the accessories.

The opposition store not very far away were quite happy to price match.


Loins said...

Had that happen once. What a hoot. Good luck with your new camera. Check it out on this site:

The Webbers living a life at the beach said...

Hello dearie! I've been playing so much with my blog lately that I fear I may go blind. Anyway I found the link to yours and I'm now a follower! All hail wino!! lol