Thursday, September 24, 2009

I suppose she couldn't help it....

We have a line of cows who are definitely a little intellectually challenged. The type of cow who can't quite work out where the gate is so ends up running back down the fence line bellowing that her herd have not only left her but have found fresh grass.

Bonny is the first of the line and three calves later she's still a bit aghast that she has managed to produce that small thing every time. Thankfully she does now feed them without pinning down and forcing her. Her bull calves have also been singularly thick and her daughter Amanda may be black but she's really a blond underneath.

Which is why I am sure Amanda decided to calve today in the pouring rain. Two weeks early according to my calculations and without bothering to bag up much beforehand so a little unexpected. It was fairly new and still slimy (as well as saturated in the rain) at feed time. Amanda was dithering over her baby with an aghast sort of look on her face very reminiscent of her mother, an "OMG what is this and why the hell are my instincts telling me I like it" look. They were in the most exposed paddock we have so we moved her and baby down to the run where there is some more shelter. Being her mother's daughter Amanda of course got confused about how the gateway worked and whether she should follow the calf or run back to the herd but she got her priorities right when I waved the stock stick at her and growled. Left the pair under the pine trees hopefully sorting themselves out. Was too dark and dreary to see what sex we had but I groped round and couldn't find testicles so a heifer at a guess. Fingers crossed the smart bull genes have got through in this one - I won't be holding my breath though.

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