Tuesday, October 04, 2005

House browsing

Further to yesterdays post on BAD neighbours I was driven to peruse websites having properties for sale. Even enquired after a couple of POA ones. Both had more land than we had but houses not as good. Both had asking prices well over the million mark! (have adjusted my opinion of what our place is worth) Guess that is why they were Price on Application - too embarrassed to let everyone know the asking price.


Clods said...

Your problem being that your house is worth less with the neighbours you've got. Don't let them drive you out, keep on with the police etc, and try and get THEM moved on.

wino said...

Agreed. But I don't think we are talking over half a million give or take because of bad neighbours!

I'm actually contemplating legal action as I found out last week that the property was put on the market a week after a nasty incident involving a shotgun and the armed defenders (luckily we haven't had one of those yet), yet when we asked both the RE agent and the owners what the neighbours were like - pointing in that direction in particular we were assured by both that they were no trouble.

Anonymous said...

Oh God, what a nightmare for you. Just caught up with this and the first post on them. You know how much I sympathise.....we have stuck it out - so far - but we scan the property pages every week. It's horrible and unsettling for you.

Know it's $$ but could you think about renting a close circuit camera and catching them on your land?

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, sorry - just read the second bit of your comment. The people we bought off same exactly the same thing, although I thought they looked shifty. Now I know why.