Tuesday, September 20, 2005

There is no loss without some small gain....

I was facing two more doses of chemo, nasty nausea creating stuff that takes a looong time (6 hours) to drip into you. Boring all round.

But I won't be getting them now, because the latest scan indicates they aren't working any more (the first two doses had a good result, the second two didn't halt the tumour at all).
So it's time to try something else and I don't have to have the last two doses. Which is a relief in a way because I wasn't looking forward to them.

It appears I gained 14kg and lost all my hair for nothing... the new drugs have only minor hair thinning and loss of appetite possible side effects, so maybe we'll reverse that.

It isn't over yet, not by a long shot.

Just right now it feels very bad...


Clods said...

Oh Wino - are you allowed to drink? Have a couple of wines.

Its so cruddy being ill. Hug the horses and think positive. Thinking of you.

wino said...

Yes allowed to drink - and frequently do!

The stupid part about it is I don't feel unwell apart from the treatment. Asked the oncologist yesterday what would happen if I just did nothing for three or four months... I'm tired of the side effects. He didn't recommend it, so I guess I'll carry on.

Bron said...

Cruddy indeed, hope you are taking lotsa time for you, do you like to soak in the tub? do you have a tub?... that would be my recipe...lotsa bubbles, a bottle of bubbles and a favourite read.
Sending positive prayers your way!