Friday, September 23, 2005

The cheek of some people!

Further to our fall out with the neighbours...

We've had some guys with chainsaws and logsplitters in yesterday and today cutting and splitting some of the wood that is lying round the place for next winter.

One of them came in to report that he had cut and split a large log over in our back paddock when the neighbour... the noisy one... came up to say that it was his log!

Don't think so!

Guess we should pick up that wood asap...

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Bron said...

ooooh we had a whole pile of pines felled next door (council 'reserve' aka gorse and broom plantation) today to protect our power lines. Was scary watching them, anyway I doubt there will be much competition for the firewood, shame is we only have a gas fire.
Sorry to hear about your neighbours!