Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Random Thoughts

1 So a builder works on an hourly rate plus materials. Why does he think he can just put a number down for materials on the invoice without providing any proof? Second builder in a row has just done that - and second builder has just indicated he is offended at our lack of trust in asking for a materials account. We are talking some thousands of dollars here. If the vet can itemise some rubber gloves and a syringe why can't the builder itemise timber and nails?

2 Why, if I order cat food online do they send puppy food?

3 How come when a trader on trademe mismeasures an item it becomes my fault as the buyer when it doesn't fit?

4 Why do some men - in particular tradesmen, and this week in particular those involved in selling and fitting flooring, think that women need things explained to them three times, slowly and in words of two syllables. Actually I fully understood the issue before you finished telling me the first time.
Husband reports in his job that some men will refuse to discuss things with the bosses wife, when actually she knows everything, preferring to talk it over with the 'boy' who doesn't know what he had for breakfast most days.

5 Why does same tradesman as mentioned in 4 find it offensive when I suggest he stop treating me like an idiot? (maybe his wife doesn't answer him back, maybe she had half a brain and left him... )

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The Webbers living a life at the beach said...

Gosh if I knew the answer to that I would be brilliant! But I can't so I'm not! :(