Friday, April 09, 2010

I'm still standing...

Swaying a bit on my feet admittedly but it's all right (that's what they make walls for isn't it? Actually I've been involved in enough renovations to know that walls actually hold up the roof - as well as completely sober people who are out of energy and having trouble holding themselves upright - and the completely sober bit is sort of sad too...).

Chemo brain has set in and I am now incapable 0f multi tasking. It will pass but it is boring while it lasts. But we potter on doing one thing at a time.

There are a fair few things going on so it gets a bit more complicated when multitasking doesn't work.

The main bathroom redo is nearing completion. Since it was started in January this hasn't been the fastest of renovations. Not really sure what the hold up was on it, it just didn't seem to progress fast. It has been a good reason not to have people to stay, but on the other hand people I would have enjoyed having round haven't been able to stay either, as I restrict the people I allow to walk through my bedroom to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night to very immediate family. I'm a bit sensitive like that. Anyhow it's now close to finished, waiting on the flooring and once that is down it will be all over in an hour (or however long it takes to fit a trendy freestanding bath, toilet and vanity unit when all the plumbing is in place and waiting).

Then this week the builders arrived and are currently making short work of fitting new French doors, relining some walls and doing a few other things in the basement area. When we initially decided to do the work (again in January) we found the last builder we had used and liked (as opposed to the ones we didn't like which are all too easy to find unfortunately) had decided there wasn't enough work in Tauranga and gone off to Auckland. So we had to interview new builders (and let them think they were deciding if they wanted the job and quote on it). As usual there were the interesting ones - for instance the guy who turns up unannounced two days after he was supposed to and opens the conversation with a comment at the front door that old houses are terrible and he hates panelling and timber floors, then carries on to say he wants an hourly rate of $60 cash and has no idea how long it will take as it looks a bit complicated. We shrugged and crossed him off the list but he rang up three weeks later under the impression he had the job... which sort of reinforces that he isn't that bright either. Happily the guys we ended up choosing seem to work fast and know exactly what they are doing. They should be almost finished tonight with a few final bits and pieces to tidy up on Monday. And it is starting to look fabulous... well when it gets gibstopped and painted and carpeted and things it will be looking fabulous.

Have two cats on the walking wounded list this week too. First my water sharing friend Zena had some teeth out and lay round feeling sorry for herself. She got up and demanded vegemite on toast this morning for breakfast so must be getting over it. And her yellow mate Herbie (the other burmese who rules our lives) got into an argument with something and ended up with an ulcer on his eye. Some trips to the vet later he's still not right and is due back on Monday morning if he doesn't decide to open his eye over the weekend. So far he isn't showing much inclination to do more than squint. He's got sort of resigned to having stuff in his eye four times a day and painkiller jammed down his throat every 24 hours, but I suspect he'll punish us later for that - he holds grudges and his claws are sharp.

Apart from that we went to Horse of the Year which was great, and that really is about all that has happened. Though the sawdust and bits of giboard and loose wiring and piles of stuff all over the place is enough to go on with.


The Webbers living a life at the beach said...

Good to see you back! I can so empathise with the reno's draggin on! But good news this week we;ve found a plasterer who's coming to finish the gibbing next weekend! yay! Heck it's all been bad enough coping with it all here, but you are having chemo too? shit lady! Take it easy missus or I might have to come and give yer a slap!

homepaddock said...

Delighted to read the update and I'm impressed by your fortitude.

Renovations without chemo, and in a crib so we're not living with them, is hard enough.