Thursday, July 08, 2010

Sorry, but only found how to use this now.
''wino'' passed away on 2-7 at home peacefully from cancer
So no more bloggs from her but I'm happy to be able to share her last few years of bloggs - it gives me some comfort that she was able to write so well and have some people make her smile :-)
I miss her more than words will ever say ....... THANKS (winos husband)


The Webbers living a life at the beach said...

Gosh I was reading your comment as Susan Boyle was singing I Dreamed a Dream, not a good combination :( I never met her but followed her blog as she did mine and we 'met' through LSB. I will miss her posts but you have a wonderful testimony of her in the blog. You can get them made into books, that would be a nice thing to do. Thinking of you all. Sue Webber♥

homepaddock said...

A comment by Wino on my blog last year led me to Kismet Farm.

I read her posts with interest and enjoyed her observations.

I was so sorry to read this post. Shakespeare was wrong, parting is not sweet sorrow, it's immensely painful and very, very sad.

I hope memories of the happiness and love you shared help you through the grief maze.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Thanks for making the effort to find out how it works and telling us. So very sorry for your loss. She was a real trooper with a great sense of humour. The world needs more, not fewer Winos.