Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cow breeding 101

Odd phone call of the day: "why is my cow bellowing?'

Now I'm by no means a cow expert but suggested the two things that occured to me "She's either hungry or she's bulling" (bulling being the term for being in the mood to meet a handsome bull and indulge in a little bovine slap and tickle).

The answer perplexed me "but X (who was apparently raised on a dairy farm) said she wouldn't be bulling while she still had a calf on her"

Umm hello...

So cow fact number 1 - a cow in milk can and will come into heat and will fall pregnant again. Not only do our beefy cows prove this every year if this wasn't the way it worked the dairy industry would need twice as many cows.

And I imagine if you didn't already know that you didn't really need to know that (apart from todays caller) and don't care anyway. Too bad, I thought I would tell you whether you needed to know or not. (be aware there may be a surprise test later)


homepaddock said...

Reminds me of a conversation with a visiting friend from the city.

"Why do your cows have calves every year?" he asked.

"We keep some to replace older cows, sell some, raise some for beef and of course cows have to have calves to produce milk."

"I didn't know that," the visitor replied.

"Just like people," my farmer said.

"Ah", said the friend, who is a GP, as the light went on.

Anonymous said...


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why is my cow bellowing? that sounds funny, or like a rhetorical question. Thanks for this story I liked it!

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