Monday, June 02, 2008

Happy birthday to Her Majesty

who's real birthday is in April I believe. Anyway we get another day in the weekend.

Which was fully utilised in household renovations:

Phone call from my mother reporting someone had vandalised her letterbox overnight
Go into town to collect some hardware things and check the letterbox.
Fix letterbox.
Arrive home to get phone call from tree trimmer man who will be down this afternoon to start trimming trees. Move animals round and open gates and things.
Strip some architrave. Very slow going.
Tree trimmer man shows up and trims some trees before it gets dark at which point he goes away.


More gib fixing and general mucking around
Pick up manure
Trim some horses feet
Go out to dinner with family.

More gibbing and stuff
More paint stripping. Slow but slightly faster than Saturdays effort
Tree trimmer man shows up and finishes off. Lovely job but not inconsiderable pile of macrocarpa pine and pittosporum trimmings left lying round the place.
As it rains on and off all day spend time putting covers on and taking covers off the horses. Very good training for foals. With adjustment number 15 we manage to get Tee's cover fitting finally so it doesn't slip sideways on him. The other possibility is that he grew into it in the last week.
Fit panelling now devoid of paint (mostly)

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