Monday, April 03, 2006

Blood and gore and the insides of cows

Not for the squeemish. The homekill man came and dispatched two cows this morning. Now as a meat eater I actually don't get too wound up about animal killing as long as it is done humanely. When they drop like a stone with a bullet in the head I reckon it is humane enough for me. And having held lambs down while they have had their throats cut I can cope with the bullet between the eyes for the cow. And once dead she is no longer the silly moo that tried to kiss you when you gave her hay - she's just a carcass.

(any readers run heaving and screaming from the thread at this stage...)

Okay so I'm a farmers daughter, and grand-daughter. I'm maybe a bit more pragmatic about the whole deal. I eat meat so something has to die. If it had a good life and shuffled off the mortal coil with a full belly and no idea that it was going I am happy enough. Neighbour wasn't so blase about it. He left home - leaving his wife to organise the slaughter of the sheep they wanted done - cos he didn't want to know what they did to the cows (or the sheep).

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